List of Some Good Diets for Women


There are very few women who are satisfied with their weight, while most of the others are in a quest to lose a few extra pounds. Good diets are those that help the body to lose weight, while getting all the essential nutrients from the food consumed. Also, a healthy diet should leave one feeling satisfied and not starved all the time. There is no point in denying the body food which is required for sustenance. Fad diets and crash diets might help one lose weight faster, but they harm the body in the long run. Dull skin, low energy levels, and mood swings are some of the drawbacks of fad diets. If one wants to lead a healthy lifestyle with a fit and toned body, then there are many diets which would help to achieve the desired results. Here, we will discuss some of the best diets for women that might prove beneficial.

Good Balanced Diets

The well-balanced and healthy diets for women are those that provide the body with nutrition and also help one maintain their ideal weight. Maintaining an ideal weight would

Best Ways to Help your Spouse Lose Weight

weight loss

Weight gain is a delicate issue and needs to be handled with a lot of tact and sensitivity. If your spouse’s weight is becoming a cause of concern for you, then talk to him about your concern. Put your views in front of your partner, and let him know that you are getting worried about his health. Tell him that you want to find the cause behind his sudden weight gain, so that you can work on a solution together. Offer help and encouragement, instead of criticism and judgment. Tell your partner that you are with him, all the way, when he makes the decision to lose weight. Here are a few ways in which you can support your partner in his endeavor.

Be Considerate and Supportive
Instead of confronting your partner or telling him that he has let himself go, tell him that his health is starting to get you really worried. Do not accuse him of being lazy. Tell him that being overweight can cause him problems in the future, and that if he is willing to work on the issue,

Great Ideas to Start Exercising When You are Busy


How does your normal day look like? Once you are up, you make/have breakfast, rush to work, return late at night, have dinner, and retire to bed too tired to do anything else. Or if you are a stay-at-home mom, you get the kids ready for school, do the laundry, put the dishwasher, pick up the kids, shop for groceries on the way, cook for the evening, etc. Have you wondered that while handling so many other chores, you have totally neglected a very important task that should be a part of your everyday routine? Yes, I am talking about exercise! Everyone from college students to working professionals have faced this problem. The importance of exercise in our lives is well-known, yet we are all so busy with work, school, and home, that we neglect it. So now it’s time to squeeze in a few minutes of exercise into our busy routines by altering our habits, so it will help us shed those extra pounds and stay healthy and fit.

Exercising does not always mean working on the treadmill or sweating it out at

Diet for Ballet Dancers

Agile, suave and flexible are probably the best words that describe the physique of a ballet dancer! How have they attained such a figure, that help them perform the toughest of all ballet moves so effortlessly? No wonder their diet and exercise play a significant role in boosting up their stamina and maintaining their slim and sleek body.

Their diet is nutritious containing all the essential nutrients in the desired proportion. Tremendous energy is required to sustain hours of practice and to attain perfection. They need enough potion to remain psychologically active and the potion comes from healthy foods. Since ballet dancing is a form of heavy aerobics, they need enough calories to bear the stress. We have provided you a sample diet for ballet dancers in this article.

Proportion of Nutrients

Fats:20-30% (unsaturated)
Carbohydrates: 50-65% (complex)

Consumption of these essential nutrients should be within this proportion. Carbohydrates in complex form is extremely necessary to provide adequate energy to them. Fats derived from omega-3-fatty acids or other sources of unsaturated fatty acids are also required in some amount to maintain their energy. Proteins are necessary to build up muscles and repair tissues quickly in case of damage or injury. The sources of these

Foods with Anti inflammatory Properties

Do you know what Crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, and rheumatoid arthritis have in common? Well, chronic inflammation is a characteristic symptom of each of these medical conditions. Basically, inflammation is the primary defense mechanism of the body against harmful invaders like microorganisms and allergens. It is a localized reaction by the immune system to infection, injury, or irritation. The major symptoms of inflammation are redness, swelling, and pain. Chronic inflammation can put one at an increased risk of developing serous medical conditions, and can adversely impact the quality of life of the affected individual. Generally, inflammation is treated with different anti-inflammatory medications like steroids or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). However, there are certain foods that possess anti-inflammatory properties. The inclusion of such food items to one’s diet can certainly have a positive effect on one’s health.

Anti-inflammatory Diet

When starting with anti-inflammatory diet, always remember that there certain food items can promote inflammation. Therefore, such food items need to be excluded from one’s diet. On the other hand, your diet should be rich in foods that have anti-inflammatory properties. Fresh vegetables, fruits, nuts, and fish are known to reduce inflammation, which is why consuming them will have a beneficial effect.

Foods to Avoid

First of

Components of a Healthy Diet

People living in different parts of the world consume different diets. People living in the same country too may be eating completely different kinds of food. The diets that people of a particular region follow depend on a number of factors such as the prevalent weather conditions in that area, the soil of that area which grows a particular kind of food and the culture and traditions of the people in the community. So, to predict and say that the diet of a specific country is the healthiest and should be followed by everybody else will be impractical. A diet which works in hot weather might spell disaster in a cold country. So how do we arrive at the most effective diet plan? A simple way to do that is to identify the food groups which should be included in the diet, along with some lifestyle changes that should be incorporated too. Here are some of the necessary components of a diet, which are a must for it to be considered healthy, balanced and effective.

Dairy Food
Follow a diet which contains low-fat dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt. Dairy products provide the body with calcium, necessary nutrients, proteins,

How to Tell Your Parents You are Pregnant

“Mom, I’m pregnant!” or “Mom, dad, you’re soon going to be grandparents!” … which one sounds better in your opinion? Are you too wondering how to tell your parents that you’re pregnant? Conceiving a baby is a joyous moment not only for the expecting parents, but also for the entire family. Breaking the news of your pregnancy sometimes requires a lot of planning and you want to see the surprised reactions of happiness on your parents’ faces. There are many fun ways to tell your parents that you are expecting a baby soon.

Fun Ways to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

Should you just tell your mom upfront about your pregnancy or give her hints about your condition? If you are planning to tell them about your pregnancy in a straightforward way, you need to choose the right words and moments to do so. You can go over your parents’ house and speak to them in a calm manner. You can say to your parents that they soon are going to become grandparents. Or, you can meet up with them with your husband and both of you can announce the new addition to your family. You always have the choice of trying

Cough Drops During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a condition, wherein the expecting mother has to be careful regarding her diet and medication. Whatever the mother consumes, gets absorbed into her body; and reaches the baby’s bloodstream, through the placenta. This is how the baby gets the required nutrients for his growth. So, if a pregnant woman consumes any medicine, it reaches the baby’s bloodstream too. This makes it important for the expecting mother to be very careful while using medication. Hence, they should avoid use of drugs that are not prescribed by the healthcare provider.

While some medication can prove fatal, some others can be consumed safely during pregnancy. The best method is to prevent diseases during pregnancy, by taking precautionary measures. However, there are some common conditions, like cough and cold, which can affect any pregnant woman. A basic understanding about safe medicines may prove helpful in such situations.

Medication and Pregnancy

So, extra care has to be taken while using medicines during pregnancy. Though you can use the ones prescribed by your doctor, self medication may prove fatal at times. It cannot be said that all medicines are harmful; because, there are some, which are considered safe. Unsafe medicines, when taken during the first trimester, can

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a big step in a woman’s and in a couple’s life, and utilizing some creative ways to announce it can greatly enhance the joyousness of the moment. Conceiving a baby is something that a couple embraces with complete happiness, and as soon as it is known that the lady is pregnant, things instantly begin to change. Pretty soon, there is stress involved as well, but that does not diminish the happiness of the occasion in any way.

With the announcement of pregnancy, a woman can really catch her husband and other family members off guard and surprise them greatly. To receive such wonderful news is good enough, but announcing it in a positive and bold way can somehow enhance the effect of the occasion.

Surprise Your Husband
The husband is the most important person in a pregnant woman’s life, and even though he does not share the physical discomfort of the ordeal, he is completely involved in the entire process. Some husbands have an inherent fear of fatherhood, so breaking the news in a gentle and light manner can soften its intensity to a certain extent.

Get a T-shirt printed with a message that talks about how he’s going to become

How to Determine Pregnancy Due Date

In general, pregnancy due date is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP). However, it is very difficult to find out the exact day of conceiving the baby. Hence, it is considered that a woman ovulates and gestates 14 days exactly after the first day of her last period. Assuming this condition, a baby is already 14 days old at the time of conception.

Determining Pregnancy Due Date

The most popularly used pregnancy due date calculator is Naegele’s Rule, which is a mathematical formula. In developing this numerical relation, Dr. Naegele assumed that the menstruation cycle lasted for 28 days, and ovulation occurred on the 14th day of the cycle. He also opined that the average duration for human gestation was 266 days from conception or 280 days from the LMP.

According to this rule, the due date is determined by adding seven days to the first day of the LMP, and subtracting three months from the sum result. For better understanding, let’s take an example to determine when the baby is likely to arrive. If the first day of the last menstrual period was on January 1, 2009, then the estimated due date falls on October 8, 2009.


How to Lose Weight Fast Without Pills and Exercise

How to Lose Weight Fast

If you have ruled out exercise from your weight loss plan, then you are only left with diet as the method to lose weight. At the same time, resorting to pills is not what you would want to do. So making changes to your diet and lifestyle is the only option you are left with. Remember, it has to become your lifestyle itself, else the chances of you gaining all the weight back are very high.

The quickest way to lose weight is to have breakfast everyday. It is not for nothing that breakfast is called the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is a meal, which one has after about 8 hours of ‘fasting’, post dinner. Having a healthy breakfast is one of the natural ways to increase metabolism. A healthy breakfast will help to kick-start metabolism in the morning. Research has established the fact that having a healthy breakfast helps to lose about 4 pounds without exercise or without dieting. Isn’t that a better way to natural weight loss?

The most effective way to lose weight is to divide your three big meals into six small meals. Having small meals is one of

How to Lose Weight When You Have a Sedentary Job

We have seen a drastic change in the way we work during the last three decades. The nature of work in offices has changed from manual and skilled jobs to sedentary jobs that require one to sit at their workstations for approximately 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week. It involves very little movement within the work premises as work needs to be done in computerized offices where even the slightest communication with colleagues and friends can be made over email or an in-house chatting system. Before you realize it, your body starts showing off flab in the most undesirable areas of your body. Common health problems such as cardiovascular diseases are the most logical outcomes of such a lifestyle. Here are tips to start moving and get into a good shape even as you continue with your sedentary job.

As You Wake Up…

As you start your day, try to drink a glass of warm water with a teaspoon full of honey and lemon juice. Honey and lemon itself do not burn any fats, but this combination acts as energy boosters right in the morning.
I suggest that you should go in for some physical activity for a minimum

Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are among the most treasured moments of a woman’s life. But after giving birth, most women get so busy with the baby that they forget to notice the changes in their body size and looks. There are many, who start crash dieting, once they realize that there is no significant decrease in their body weight or appearance, even after childbirth. This is not at all advisable, unless you are guided by expert dietitians and nutritionists. It is always better to be patient and achieve your goal, through healthy methods. It may take some time, but don’t lose heart, you can make it happen with determination and willpower.

Some women are lucky, as they lose weight naturally, within two to three months of childbirth. But this does not happen to everyone, who may find it difficult to lose weight after pregnancy. So once you make up your mind to lose weight and achieve the pre-pregnancy body weight, then you must make consistent efforts to reach the goal.

Breastfeeding and Weight Loss After Pregnancy

The relation between breastfeeding and postpartum weight loss is one of the much-debated topics. However, breastfeeding is said to cause weight loss after childbirth. This has been proved

Healthy Heart Diet Recipes

Cardiovascular diseases (a class of diseases that involves the heart and the blood vessels) are the biggest killer in most parts of the world today. Evidence suggests that a low-fat diet is effective in lowering the cholesterol levels and the blood pressure.


Parmesan Chicken Bake


Chicken breast, boneless, without the skin, and fat removed: 6 fillets
Bread, whole-wheat: 4 slices
Buttermilk, low-fat: ½ cup
Parmesan cheese, grated: 6 tablespoons
Olive oil: 2 tablespoons
Parsley, chopped finely: 1½ tablespoons
Paprika: 1½ teaspoons
Garlic powder: ¾ teaspoon
Thyme: ½ teaspoon
Vegetable oil spray


Begin by preheating the oven to 450°F. Then take a rectangular-shaped baking sheet and a slightly smaller rectangular-shaped cake tin. Spray some vegetable oil and place the rack on the baking sheet and it keep aside.
Next, rinse the chicken fillets and pat them dry followed by keeping them aside. Now, put the bread pieces into a food processor or blender and process until it turns into fine crumbs.
Put these crumbs in a shallow dish. Add thyme, parsley, cheese, paprika, and garlic powder into it and blend well. Then pour the buttermilk into another shallow dish. Then immerse the fillets in the buttermilk first, then in the breadcrumbs, and lastly place

Palpitations When Lying Down

The heart is one of the most unique organs. This is because it works throughout our life without us even realizing that it is contracting approximately seventy-two times a minute. Sometimes, you actually experience this phenomenon. A palpitation is the feeling of the heart beating in the chest, i.e., when one starts feeling the presence of their heart and its functioning. Some people may complain of them after eating or while lying on the bed. Given below are the various causes and ways by which you can deal with palpitations when lying down.

Causes and Treatments

One of the most common yet under credited causes for this condition is intake of caffeine just before sleeping. Caffeine is a known stimulant, and it increases the metabolic rate in the body. Hence, it is quite possible that if you have coffee just before sleeping, especially if it is out of habit, then you may end up feeling your heartbeats. A simple way of avoiding this is to avoid taking in caffeine before sleeping.
Just like caffeine, you should also avoid smoking or taking in nicotine just before sleeping. Even this acts as a stimulant and may lead to an increase in the heart rate.

Heart Healthy Diet for Women

Your heart is a machine, that is continuously pumping blood. Just as every machine requires servicing, your heart requires a little care and attention too. But obviously, you cannot send your heart to a service station, for a regular maintenance. Thus, maintaining a healthy diet is all that you can do, to keep it hale and hearty. Having a right diet, is the only way of preventing your heart from any kind of illnesses. Today, the risk of heart related problems is equal for both men and women. After the age of 40, it is imperative for a woman to take care of her heart’s health to lead a healthy life for a healthy family.

Harmful Fats
Experts say, that the daily consumption of foods high in nutrition can reduce the risk to your heart by 80%. Thus, it is important to understand how your food affects your heart. Restricting your intake of saturated fats and quitting any form of trans fat is the best way reducing the level of bad cholesterol or LDL. Avoid the butter, cheese, margarine or even white butter on your bread and food to keep away from these fats. Substitute the high fat food such as

How Does Potassium Reduce Heart Risks

To stay healthy, the human body requires different minerals that are essential for different functions. For example, sodium is essential for neurotransmission i.e. the transmission of nerve impulses between nerve cells or neurons. Similarly, other minerals such as potassium, calcium, iodine, phosphorous, chlorine, magnesium, sulfur, etc are required by the body in varying amounts. Based on the amount of each mineral necessary for the body, the minerals are classified as major minerals and trace minerals. Potassium is one of the major minerals, which means that our body requires substantial amounts of potassium for various functions. Chief among these functions are regulating muscle movement, maintaining the body’s fluid balance, and regulating the expansion and contraction of the cardiac muscles. Read on for more information on potassium, its sources, and how a diet rich in potassium can help prevent heart ailments.

Sources of Potassium

In case you’re left wondering what to eat to get the desired amounts of potassium from food, then here’s your answer. Just have a look at the list of foods rich in potassium and try to include at least a few of them in your daily diet to ensure that your body gets its required amounts of this essential mineral.


Lightheadedness After Exercise

The feeling of lightheadedness or dizziness is caused by the shortage of supply of oxygen or blood to the brain. This condition results from rapid dehydration or low blood pressure. Lightheadedness experienced after exercise is due to the blood flow that results from increased or harder pumping of heart. One of the causes of lightheadedness after doing workout is the abrupt cessation of exercise. It is therefore, necessary to increase or decrease the rate of exercising gradually. By following this practice, balance of the bodily systems is maintained and sudden changes are prevented.

Causes of Lightheadedness
It is necessary to know what causes lightheadedness before understanding the treatments for it. The lightheaded feeling or dizziness is commonly observed among those who perform vigorous exercises like running and other such workouts. During an exercise, the heart beats faster in comparison to its normal rate. It helps in providing sufficient blood to the muscles that are being exercised. Thus, one might experience lightheadedness after exercise. The state of dizziness is somewhat similar to vertigo; however in vertigo, one feels as if he is whirling, spinning or tilting. Nausea is also one of the symptoms of lightheadedness exhibited along with dizziness after exercise. The

Contortion Backbend Training Learn How to do a Backbend

Contortion backbend training is for determined individuals who want to improve the flexibility of their body. If your spine is flexible enough to enable you to bend backwards, then you can learn to do a full contortion backbend. A contortionist can amaze you with his skills and some of them can even bend backwards and touch their buttocks with their head. It is great to have such a flexible body, but, you will have to really work hard to achieve it.

Tips and Techniques to do a Backbend

Before attempting a backbend, warm up by doing some stretching exercises. Focus on your arms, shoulder and spine. Include the exercises given below in your workout.

Stand with your feet apart, maintaining a shoulder-length distance between them.
Raise your hands such that both arms touch your ears. You can bend them at the elbow with both palms touching each other. This will help in maintaining your balance.
Bend your head backwards and keep your eyes on your palms. Watch your hands.
Now, let your shoulders lean backwards. Start arching your back and go down slowly. You shouldn’t hurry with these movements, go as slowly as possible and you will be able to maintain your balance.

How to Exercise While Sitting at Your Computer

If you are in a relationship with your work like me (I hate the word ‘workaholic’), then may be you are also dealing with some relationship issues like stress and weight gain. Every person who has a desk job, does not need to indulge in a tub of ice cream after a particularly stressful day at work to gain the pounds. In fact, the downside of being a way too dedicated employee is that it will make you fat! The stress to perform and add on to it the inactivity of a desk job will definitely increase your waist size. Plus, you will become lethargic. Now, what to do? You wouldn’t have the time to hit the gym from 9 to 5 and many of us skip the gym altogether after almost 1.5 hours of commuting from work to home. Did you know? Four hours of inactivity can seriously send your metabolism levels to an all time low. If you think that a 30 minute walk everyday is enough cardio activity in a week to maintain your metabolism, you are wrong! Yes, I was surprised too! The mathematics of this is that when you perform any cardio activity, it elevates