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How to Tell Your Parents You are Pregnant

“Mom, I’m pregnant!” or “Mom, dad, you’re soon going to be grandparents!” … which one sounds better in your opinion? Are you too wondering how to tell your parents that you’re pregnant? Conceiving a baby is a joyous moment not only for the expecting parents, but also for the entire family. Breaking the news of your pregnancy sometimes requires a lot of planning and you want to see the surprised reactions of happiness on your parents’ faces. There are many fun ways to tell your parents that you are expecting a baby soon.

Fun Ways to Tell Your Parents You’re Pregnant

Should you just tell your mom upfront about your pregnancy or give her hints about your condition? If you are planning to tell them about your pregnancy in a straightforward way, you need to choose the right words and moments to do so. You can go over your parents’ house and speak to them in a calm manner. You can say to your parents that they soon are going to become grandparents. Or, you can meet up with them with your husband and both of you can announce the new addition to your family. You always have the choice of trying some fun ways to tell your parents that you’re pregnant. Let us see some of these fun ways to announce your pregnancy to your parents.

A Sunday Treat:
You can invite your parents and family for a barbecue or lunch. Let everyone get seated and then stand up for a toast and announce, “Congratulations to the new grandparents-to-be”. Or, you can give them all gifts to unwrap and let them find baby gifts, like rattles, bibs, baby bottles, and booties. When it comes to drinking wine, you can just casually say that alcohol is one of the things to avoid during pregnancy.
Photo Frame:
You can frame a picture of your ultrasound and write over the frame, “Congratulations, grandma and grandpa”. Invite your parents for a dinner. When they finish dinner, place the photo frame with the dessert plate. Let them have a look and at it and allow the surprise to sink in. Click pictures to capture the moment of shock and joy regarding your maternity written all over their face.
Grandparent Gifts:
You can buy mugs that say, “World’s Greatest Grandma” and “World’s Greatest Grandpa”. Wrap it up and send it over to your parents’ house. They will get the hint once they open up their presents.
Restaurant Mania:
You can invite everyone from your family to a restaurant for a treat. You can ask the waiter or waitress beforehand to present the family with fake menu cards. These menu cards should read, “Tonight’s special: A Sweet, Cuddly Girl” or “Tonight’s special: A Handsome Boy”. And at the bottom of the card, mention in bold, “We are soon going to have a baby.”
Birthday Fun:
If either of your parents are going to have a birthday coming around, you need to wait to announce your pregnancy. Call up your mom or dad and wish them, “Happy Birthday, Grandma/pa”. Or, you can say that you have got them a present that will take 9 months to arrive before they can hold it in their arms.
T-Shirt Surprise:
You and your hubby can get t-shirts printed with the words, “Hello, Meet the New Mom/ Dad”. Meet your parents and family wearing this T-shirt. Allow them to read the text and decipher the surprise.
Fortune Cookie:
You can order some custom-made fortune cookies, all containing the same fortune, “Get ready to welcome a new member into the family”. Invite your family over and pass on the fortune cookies. Soon, they will all get the idea and you will hear the screams of joy and congratulations.
Christmas Presents:
If you conceive around Christmas time, you can pack presents containing baby goodies. Keep them under the tree and label them with the names of your family members. Be ready with your video camera to capture their expressions as one by one they all get the idea about your condition.

How to Tell Your Parents if You’re a Teenager

Having a baby is the biggest miracle of a woman’s life. However, if you still are a teenager and conceive by accident, it takes a lot of nerves to go out there and tell your parents that you are pregnant. You cannot choose to hide it from them as they are going to be the ultimate support in your difficult situation. This might look like a Herculean task to achieve, but the best person to decide how difficult it is going to be is you. Your relationship with your parents is the most important factor in this case. You may feel you are not close to your parents or they will not be able to understand you, but believe me when I say that the best people on earth to help you are your parents.

Private Conversation:
You need to calm your nerves and be ready for all kinds of reactions. You can choose to break the news to the parent you feel you are closest. In this case, your mom is the best person to speak to, as most dads may just freak out with the thought of their teenage daughter being pregnant. You need to speak to your mom privately and break the news of your pregnancy to her like a mature individual. Give her some time to digest the news. You need to understand that your mom may be really hurt and will need time to overcome the initial shock.
Take Help of Your Siblings:
You can always speak to your brother or sister, if you are comfortable sharing your secrets with them. You need to ask your elder brothers and sisters for help and support while you break the news to your parents. If you do not have any elder siblings, you can always bring in another member of the family who you trust and respect. This will help in building up your confidence and supporting your parents in handling the news.
Send Signals:
If you cannot walk up to your parents and tell them regarding the impounding condition, you need to give them hints that something is bothering you. Stay in your room for a couple of days. You need to show them that you have something that’s troubling you. They will obviously want to share it with you and come forward for help. This is the best time to tell your parents that you are pregnant.
Pen is Mightier:
You can write about your condition and keep the letter someplace your parents will find easily. Clearly write about your pregnancy and what you plan to do. This will help them overcome their shock and speak to you about it in a positive and calm way.
Involve Your Boyfriend:
If your boyfriend is supportive and is ready to stand by you, you can ask him to be present while you break the news to your parents. This will give you the strength to face your parents and talk about the issue in a mature manner. Also, be sure that you are present to support him when he breaks the news of your pregnancy to his parents. You both need to support each other to overcome the many obstacles of teenage pregnancy.

Whether you are married or single, an adult or a teenager, you need to be a bit sensitive when you break the news of your pregnancy. All parents are overjoyed when they turn grandparents, but sometimes it takes time for them to digest the news of your pregnancy. I hope this article has helped you get some basic ideas for breaking the news of the greatest miracle in your life.

Cough Drops During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a condition, wherein the expecting mother has to be careful regarding her diet and medication. Whatever the mother consumes, gets absorbed into her body; and reaches the baby’s bloodstream, through the placenta. This is how the baby gets the required nutrients for his growth. So, if a pregnant woman consumes any medicine, it reaches the baby’s bloodstream too. This makes it important for the expecting mother to be very careful while using medication. Hence, they should avoid use of drugs that are not prescribed by the healthcare provider.

While some medication can prove fatal, some others can be consumed safely during pregnancy. The best method is to prevent diseases during pregnancy, by taking precautionary measures. However, there are some common conditions, like cough and cold, which can affect any pregnant woman. A basic understanding about safe medicines may prove helpful in such situations.

Medication and Pregnancy

So, extra care has to be taken while using medicines during pregnancy. Though you can use the ones prescribed by your doctor, self medication may prove fatal at times. It cannot be said that all medicines are harmful; because, there are some, which are considered safe. Unsafe medicines, when taken during the first trimester, can affect the fetal development, and may result in birth defects. During the second trimester, the nervous system of the baby can get affected. Medicines taken during the third trimester can cause breathing difficulties in newborns.

Apart from that, some medicines may cause complications in the mother. It has been observed that, certain medicines induce labor and bleeding. Sometimes, both the fetus and the mother may get affected. In short, wrong medicines can have effects, which can range from mild to severe, and even fatal. An ordinary person without any sound knowledge of medicines, may find it difficult to choose a pregnancy-safe drug; especially for common medical conditions, like cough and cold.

Use of Cough Drops During Pregnancy

Cough and cold are only minor health problems, which may sometimes subside without any treatment. However, persistent and forceful cough may lead to miscarriage or may induce labor. If you can manage without medicines, well and good. Otherwise, go through the ingredients before consuming any cough medication. In general, cough drops with dextromethorphan and guaifenesin are considered safe during pregnancy. A combination of both can also be used. Cough medication with pseudoephedrine and phenylephrine may affect the blood flow to the placenta.

Cough medicines with iodine and codeine should be avoided at any cost. If you can contact your gynecologist, then he/she will be the best person to prescribe a pregnancy-safe cough medicine. However, minimize the use of cough drops during pregnancy, especially during the first trimester. You may also resort to some harmless home remedies, like steam inhalation. A mixture of honey and ginger juice may also provide relief. If your symptoms are severe, or are accompanied with other symptoms, like fever and pain, you have to seek medical attention.

Your healthcare provider knows your condition better than anyone else. So, follow your doctor’s advice rather than using over-the-counter medicines.

Creative Ways to Announce Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a big step in a woman’s and in a couple’s life, and utilizing some creative ways to announce it can greatly enhance the joyousness of the moment. Conceiving a baby is something that a couple embraces with complete happiness, and as soon as it is known that the lady is pregnant, things instantly begin to change. Pretty soon, there is stress involved as well, but that does not diminish the happiness of the occasion in any way.

With the announcement of pregnancy, a woman can really catch her husband and other family members off guard and surprise them greatly. To receive such wonderful news is good enough, but announcing it in a positive and bold way can somehow enhance the effect of the occasion.

Surprise Your Husband
The husband is the most important person in a pregnant woman’s life, and even though he does not share the physical discomfort of the ordeal, he is completely involved in the entire process. Some husbands have an inherent fear of fatherhood, so breaking the news in a gentle and light manner can soften its intensity to a certain extent.

Get a T-shirt printed with a message that talks about how he’s going to become a dad soon. Think of some hilarious line to print on it.
Ask your husband if he can take a few weeks off work in about 9 months time, so that you can head for a vacation to the local hospital.
Ask your husband if he’ll be okay if you bloat up in the next nine months or so, have unnatural urges to eat, and have irregular and erratic mood swings.
Make a home video that chronicles your time together, and end it with a message about your soon-to-be-arriving baby.
The simplest thing to do would be to take him out for a romantic dinner and break the big news to him there.

For the Family
Once you have given your husband the big news, it is time to spread the joy to other members of the family. You and your husband can decide who you want to tell first, and how you intend to tell them. Given below are some ideas that you can use to break the news to your parents and other family members.

Organize a family dinner and announce it there in a fun and innovative way. Offer a toast to the new expected addition to the family.
Send a card or a letter to your parents addressing them as grandparents. If it is their birthday or some other happy occasion, wish the new grandparents publicly and lavishly.
You can alternately choose to give everyone an updated version of the new family tree, with the position of the new expected member highlighted.
You can also record a new voice-mail message that says you are currently out buying clothes and toys for the new baby that is due.
Another way is to get everyone together for a family picture, and just before you are about to click it, shout out that you’re pregnant. The picture will be a priceless one.

The best way to tell your grandparents will have to be loud, shocking, and direct. Let them feel the intensity of the situation, and show them how thrilled you are at the prospect of welcoming a new member to the family.

To Close Friends
Your friends are the people who you can turn to for help if you face some problems during pregnancy. The way you inform them is also very important, as they will also be extremely thrilled once you have broken the news to them. Given below are some creative ways to announce the big news to your close friends.

Call your friends over for a meal, and litter the house with baby stuff like diapers, toys, and rattles. Leave some baby magazines in the bathroom as well, and they are sure to get the hint soon enough.
Send a picture message to all your friends of the ultrasound picture of your baby. Mention no other words, and let them figure it out for themselves.
Social networking is immensely popular, and you can use it as a great medium to inform your friends.
Cook a bunch of cookies or brownies based on a baby theme. Use light shades of blue and pink to get the message across.
Call your friends over for a movie marathon and play all baby movies until they get curious enough to ask what’s going on.

Maternity is a great step and it needs to be shared with loved ones from all corners of the world. You can make the declaration fun and memorable. By doing so, you can ensure that you yourself and everyone else involved has a great time.

How to Determine Pregnancy Due Date

In general, pregnancy due date is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period (LMP). However, it is very difficult to find out the exact day of conceiving the baby. Hence, it is considered that a woman ovulates and gestates 14 days exactly after the first day of her last period. Assuming this condition, a baby is already 14 days old at the time of conception.

Determining Pregnancy Due Date

The most popularly used pregnancy due date calculator is Naegele’s Rule, which is a mathematical formula. In developing this numerical relation, Dr. Naegele assumed that the menstruation cycle lasted for 28 days, and ovulation occurred on the 14th day of the cycle. He also opined that the average duration for human gestation was 266 days from conception or 280 days from the LMP.

According to this rule, the due date is determined by adding seven days to the first day of the LMP, and subtracting three months from the sum result. For better understanding, let’s take an example to determine when the baby is likely to arrive. If the first day of the last menstrual period was on January 1, 2009, then the estimated due date falls on October 8, 2009.

However, in some cases, the estimated due date turns wrong. This may be due to faulty date of the last menstrual period, in case of incidents like implantation bleeding. Since the symptoms of implantation bleeding resemble normal menstruation, the date of LMP may be confusing. In such a situation, the date of LMP may be taken wrong. An accurate date is essential for determining the correct due date.

When it comes to the accuracy of the due date calculated by using Naegele’s Rule, one of the major concerning factors is the ovulation period. Though he assumed that the ovulation occurred on the 14th day of the menstrual cycle, it is not true for all women. Some other factors that were not taken into account while developing the rule include ethnicity, prenatal care, prenatal screening, nutrition, and risk factors.

A more reliable way to determine the pregnancy due date is the ultrasound test. This method is effective in case of any uncertainties regarding menstruation. For accuracy, ultrasound should be taken during the first half of pregnancy (within 12 – 13 weeks of pregnancy). In addition to this, a combination of factors like luteinizing hormone, basal body temperature, fetal heart tones, quickening (first fetal movement that the woman feels), and fundal height (uterus measurement) should be considered for calculating the pregnancy due date.

Nevertheless, it is to be noted that not every pregnancy lasts for exactly 40 weeks. The due date is just a prediction as to when the baby is likely to be born. A pregnancy is considered to be normal, if the gestation period lasts between 38 to 42 weeks. Normally, a pregnant woman gives birth to a baby three weeks before the due date, or two weeks after the due date. As per the statistics about 5 percent of pregnant women give birth on the due date, and about 80 percent give birth within 10 days of the due date.

In case of any problems with the baby and/or the mother, the obstetrician may suggest inducing labor, either before or after the due date. Childbirth prior to the normal gestation period is referred to as premature birth. Also, if the due date extends more than two weeks after the actual due date, the obstetrician may recommend for labor induction.