Agile, suave and flexible are probably the best words that describe the physique of a ballet dancer! How have they attained such a figure, that help them perform the toughest of all ballet moves so effortlessly? No wonder their diet and exercise play a significant role in boosting up their stamina and maintaining their slim and sleek body.

Their diet is nutritious containing all the essential nutrients in the desired proportion. Tremendous energy is required to sustain hours of practice and to attain perfection. They need enough potion to remain psychologically active and the potion comes from healthy foods. Since ballet dancing is a form of heavy aerobics, they need enough calories to bear the stress. We have provided you a sample diet for ballet dancers in this article.

Proportion of Nutrients

Fats:20-30% (unsaturated)
Carbohydrates: 50-65% (complex)

Consumption of these essential nutrients should be within this proportion. Carbohydrates in complex form is extremely necessary to provide adequate energy to them. Fats derived from omega-3-fatty acids or other sources of unsaturated fatty acids are also required in some amount to maintain their energy. Proteins are necessary to build up muscles and repair tissues quickly in case of damage or injury. The sources of these foods are explained in the next content.

Animal Products
Lean meat is rich in proteins and it forms a major portion of their diet. Skinless chicken breast and turkeys have a high protein content and they do not cause weight gain. The meat is consumed either in boiled, baked or grilled form. Consumption of gravies and spicy dishes are strictly restricted, as they are extremely unhealthy. They are also allowed to consume the white portion of the egg, while discarding the yolk since its rich in cholesterol. The foods are cooked mostly in olive oils and a small portion is served. Freshwater fish (tuna) and sea food, like salmon, mackerel, herring, etc. are excellent sources of omega-3-fatty acids, thereby constituting the amount of fat required by them.

Dairy Products
Dairy products are intensely rich in fats. Nevertheless, the products that contain minimal fats are safe. Skimmed milk, low fat cheese and fat free butter are allowed to be consumed moderately. A glass of skimmed milk with a slice of brown whole wheat bread is recommended for breakfast. Fat free cheese and butter twice or thrice a week is needed to maintain the calories required for performing the dances effortlessly.

Fruits and Vegetables
Vitamins and minerals are necessary for adding flexibility to body and strengthening bones. Some of the healthiest vegetables that are incorporated in their diet include cabbage, spinach, broccoli, bitter gourd, carrot, beet, capsicum, etc. Such vegetables are laden with calcium, phosphorous, iron and zinc, that are utmost essential for proper functioning of their body. They are asked to consume them either in raw or in boiled form and with addition of a very small amount of sodium. They also survive on a plenty of salads made from raw vegetables. A ballet dancer’s diet is incomplete without fruits. Fruits are richest sources of antioxidants and vitamins that play an important role in keeping their body fit and healthy. Oranges, lemons, grapes, blue berries, watermelons, apples, cantaloupes and guavas form a part of their diet.

Other Healthy Foods
Apart from the foods mentioned in the content above, the diet for ballet dancers also consists of desired amounts of cereals, nuts, pulses, lentils and grains. Oats and cornflakes are rich sources complex carbohydrates, that are necessary for them. Green peas, grams and other types of lentils contain a unique blend of proteins and unsaturated fatty acids. Almonds and peanuts form rich sources of energy. A lot of protein drinks and fresh juices (unsweetened) are also recommended to them.

So that was a simple guide to a ballet dancer’s diet. Water forms a major part of their diet, that keeps their system hydrated. A healthy and balanced diet is the only secret of their perfect shape, that they maintain religiously.

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